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Freedoms Children Special 3 Pack

All three Freedoms Children albums.

Freedoms Children - Galactic Vibes

The band`s second album featuring a blistering live version of the opus "The Homecoming" , complete with hand drum solo ! Includes rare photos and liner notes.  

Freedoms Children Special 2 Pack

The band`s first 2 albums "Battle hymn of the broken hearted horde" and "Astra".

Freedoms Children - Astra

The `Rosetta Stone ` of South African psych/stoner rock ! Arguably up there with the best in early `70s with bonus tracks, rare photos and comprehensive liner n Tracklisting 1.Aileen 2.The Homecoming 3.The kid he came from Hazareth 4.Medals...

Freedoms Children - Battle Hymn Of The Broken Hearted Horde

The band`s debut album with bonus tracks period photos and extensive liner notes. A heady mix of folk,psych, stoner rock and beat poetry. Tracklisting: Introduction (Narrative) Season Judas Queen Mrs.Browning Country boy Your father`s eyes Eclipse Ten years ago Kafkasque...

Wildebeest - Bushrock 1

1981 Afro prog/hard rock album featuring Piet Botha (Jackhammer) and Colin Pratley (Freedoms Children). Tracklisting: Tribal Fence 4.36 Bokslaai 4.46 Russian and chips (aka The kid he came from Hazareth) 3.59 The Horseman 4.15 Pofadder (aka Slowly from the North)...

Hawk - Africa She Too Can Cry

Hawk`s second album and the first to feature the new lineup which included Julian Laxton (Freedoms Children) and Les Goode (A Cads) among others. This reissue included an updated version of the "African Day" suite from the first album as...

Astral Daze Volume 3

The 3rd volume of our popular  series features another 20 South African psych rock time capsules: Tracklisting McCully Workshop-The Circus 4.02 Hawk-Here comes the sun (remix) 4.27 Gentle People-Hairy man 3.22 The Finders Keepers-Man of the sea 2.26 Freedoms Children-Kafkasque...

Astral Daze

Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-1972   This real collectors item features 18 classic, rare and obscure tracks from the heyday of South African Psychedelic Rock. 16 of these tracks have never previously been released on official CD.   Track List...


Rare sole 1971 album by African influenced progressive rock band which included members of The Bats and The Square Set; elements of pastoral flute / pennywhistle tinged folk mixed with psych guitar, jazz rock brass, soulful vocals and thundering percussion....


RETRO FRESH is an imprint label dedicated to the preservation of classic South African pop & rock music of the last 30 years ... each release, many available for the first time on cd, has been digitally remastered with bonus tracks including live, studio out takes, demos and unreleased songs. Where possible the original artwork has been retained but has been extended to include great pics, in-depth liner notes written by some of the country's leading music journalists, rare memorabilia and artist commentary. All releases are artist approved.

So from the Afro rock sounds of Hawk and the bluesy wail of Otis Waygood to the ethotronic funk of éVoid and the psychotic psychedelia of Falling Mirror RETRO FRESH brings you the best musical memories...


Fresh Music launching on Shopify soon

Fresh Music launching on Shopify soon