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McCully Workshop - Genesis

McCully Workshop`s second album find them going in a more brass rock driven direction, similar to early Chicago and Blood,Sweat & Tears.


  • Genesis (7.45) including
  • Evolution
    1. Overture to cancel hate
    2. Survival and genesis …..and darkness was upon the face of the deep (Gen 1.2)
    4.      2.(We all) look for the sun (3.15)
    5. …and the earth was without form and void (Gen 1.20
    1. Stone man (9.44) including
    1. Stone man
    2. Degeneration
    3. Satan`s dance 
    4. …and his eyes shall be red with wine and his teeth white with milk (Gen 49.12)
    1. Red light city (7.40) including
    1. Sodom
    2. Gomorrah 
    3. …up…get you out of this place… (Gen 19.14)
    1. Sweet fields of green (3.45 
    2. …..let the earth bring forth grass (Gen1.11)
    3. Togetherness (4.35) 
    4. … is not good that man be alone (Gen 2.18)
    5. Order out of chaos (3.20) 
    6. ……let there be light (Gen 1.3)

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